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11:11 Promise - Sharing Avery's Story

Our family's mission to honor Avery’s life and legacy continues on in many different ways.

A while back, we were approached by a genetic testing company to guest speak to a group of OBGYN’s, Midwives, nurses, practitioners, and office staff of multiple practices in the Houston area. We were asked to share Avery's life and story and also share why we feel genetic testing should be offered to their patients.

While this can be a difficult and extremely emotional topic to discuss, it was an easy yes for us. Agreeing to do this no doubt brings forth a lot of emotions for the two of us, but we get to share Avery's life and story with others while at the same time trying to impact doctors practices which in turn might positively impact the life of future moms, dads, siblings, and other family members and loved ones.

We've had two speaking engagements thus far and have four additional speaking engagements scheduled over the next two months. Here's some of the feedback we've received thus far:

"Hearing your story really helps us to reinforce our message to each Doctor and we don't take lightly that you guys open yourselves up to make a difference. Social media has always been a blessing and a curse, but it's the only place that I met and got to know Avery. I will forever be thankful to y'all for allowing so many of us to be a part of your family." 
"You are changing lives. Don't ever let me forget to tell you guys that and I just want to reiterate that HUNDREDS (likely more) have been screened because of y'all. That's just from ONE office in Sugar Land. There are more stories just like that. You impact people and in turn lives are changed. Thank you both. So much."
"You are the reason our office started screening patients. Just this past week we were able to identify a positive SMA and positive CF mom. We will be testing their partners this week."

As an added bonus for our agreeing to speak, the genetic testing company makes a generous donation to the charity of our choosing; Cure SMA was an obvious and easy choice for our family.

We are so thankful to our friend Amy and the company she works with for following Avery’s Bucket List, sharing her sweet sentiments on how Avery impacted her life, and for reaching out to us when this opportunity arose. We are honored and humbled to have this opportunity and as hard as it is to sometimes speak about, we love having the opportunity to honor Avery, speak her name over and over, and see her smiling face in pictures all around the room. It brings her spirit to life and reminds us of all of her accomplishments and the wonderful memories we shared with her during the short 5.5 months she was physically here with us.

#1111Promise #Averysbucketlist

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